Just a good bard boy singing his soothing songs, doing the best he can.


Doug is a 54-year-old neutral good human bard who focuses primarily on support abilities, although he can be convinced to kill if it would save one of his friends. Just know that it makes him super, super sad.


The ‘Doug’ we know today began at the age of 23 as a wayward soul, lost in an unfamiliar land. Shivering and hungry on the sidewalk, unable to seek proper quarter among the xenophobes of Waterdeep, Doug finally earned the favor of a group of stone trading gnomes. Doug noticed two gnomes unable to lift an especially large stone rock, so he intervened, saving the poor little gnome fingers from getting crushed under the weight of the boulder. The captain of the ship, Captain Namfoodle, noticed this display of kindness and invited Doug to work among the gnome on his ship, The Beauty: a rare honor to bestow on such a strange-looking human.

For the next ten years or so, Doug worked hard on the ship, doing sailor things. Doug was especially useful when somebody put the loaves of bread on the very top shelf, and Doug could reach up and grab it for them. It was a very nice thing for him to do. In return, some of the gnomes pulled their bed together to create one big human bed.

Doug also loved to listen to their wacky jokes. His favorite gnome, Lomin, wanted to be a court jester after he was done with his duty on the boat, so Lomin would often practice his funny bits with Doug. A naturally charming person himself, Doug grew to appreciate the art of performance, even opting to participate in bits that required a second character. Lomin taught Doug how to make running into a light pole look like a fun, funny accident.

But even the ever-charismatic Lomin could not hold a crowd quite the way Captain Namfoodle. Namfoodle’s flute skills were second to none. His short fat fingers moved across the flute with the grace of angels, the melodies infusing with the air to create a soothing mist. It was always Namfoodle’s foremost duty to ensure, even more than getting the cargo delivered on time, that his crew was in high spirits. Doug respected this. As a former leader himself, he respected those who could not only encourage his crew to be diligent and efficient, but also be…happy…

Which is why, the death of Namfoodle came as a shock to them all.

Off the coast of Waterdeep, as the boys were returning home on a misty winter night, a band of cultists were practicing their rituals along the shore. Their presence was suspicious, so Namfoodle (a hands-on captain himself) went to investigate the seemingly random group of cloaked men and women dancing in the sand. Among the mist, Namfoodle was slain and left for dead.

Doug was the first to dive into the frigid water and swim for Namfoodle. Still a relatively young man, he swam as fast as his legs could carry them. The gnomes were captivated by this land-human’s exceptional swimming speeds. Then, once Doug reached the shore, the cultists had disbursed, and Namfoodle lay on the beach, blood oozing from his tiny gnome belly.

“The Beauty”, Namfoodle said, referring to the name of the ship, “is yours now. Please…take it.” Then, after many minutes of measured panting: “And the flute. My flute. Please, take it too. And be sure you keep the crew smiling.” With his final breath, he whispered. “I’m always happiest when they smile.”

Doug kept that promise. For fifteen more years, he captained The Beauty as it waded through peaceful waters (Doug was always proud of the fact that he never had to resort to violence to achieve his goals). Once Doug hit 50 years old, he hung it up for good, handing off the duty of captain to Hauhah, the son of Lomin. Lomin had gone to perform for the king of Damara. With Namfoodle’s flute in his possession, Doug too believed he could spend the rest of his life entertaining townsfolk, earning a living wage off making people feel good, you know?

During Doug’s fourth year of barding, a roaming group of adventurers, lead by the monk Leosin, asked for Doug’s assistance. And Doug, who loved to make people smile, couldn’t bear their disappointment, so he has joined them in their merry adventure into the unknown. Little did Doug know the adventure that waits in front of him…


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